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Tromba Rija



Founded in 1966, Tromba Rija was located in a village called Leiria, Portugal. The founders were the parents of the current operator, Elisabête Real.

Tromba Rija started the business as a local butcher and wine tavern shop. Freezer was not yet popular in town at that time. For this reason, meat had to be sold within a day, otherwise it would spoil. One day, Elisabête’s mother used some of the unsold meat to cook with beans stew, which turned out to be one of today’s popular household dishes, Feijoada. It was well received by the local residents and soon more customers outside the village came for the dish. Since then, the butcher and tavern shop gradually turned into a formal restaurant, now a well-known one in the world, run by Elisabête and Fernando Real.

Tromba Rija at Macau Tower

Tromba Rija has made its Asian debut at Macau Tower on December 22, 2014 and named 《皇家葡萄餚》 in Chinese, in which the family name of Elisabête and Fernando is subtly embedded.

The design of the new Tromba Rija will follow the tradition to render passionate and home-like hospitality, so that customers can enjoy the party atmosphere in a house of fine delicacy. By adopting a rustic, family style design, from the setting, lighting to every detail, the restaurant delivers a warm and simplistic ambience fused with contemporary elements, offering an extraordinary dining experience.

The restaurant provides private dining room, indoor and outdoor dining area that can accommodate more than 150 guests, easily becoming an ideal dining and celebration destination for family and friends, especially those who seek quality of life.

Culinary Specialties

Tromba Rija’s a-la-carte menu provides a wide selection of the country’s traditional delicacies. In addition to a variety of cold cuts, cheese, sausage and signature dishes, several local Macanese style cuisines will also be served exclusively in Macau Tower. Buffet menu is also available during the below period, bringing you an exceptional Portuguese dining experience!


Tromba Rija’s A-la-carte and Beverage Menu

Tromba Rija Buffet


Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday12 pm – 11 pm

Buffet Period & Prices

Portuguese Lunch Buffet 
Serving PeriodEvery Monday to Saturday
12pm – 2:30pm
Adult ( Aged 12 or above)
MOP 178
Child ( Aged 6-11 )                           MOP 155
Serving PeriodSunday and Public Holiday
12pm – 2:30pm
Adult ( Aged 12 or above)
MOP 198
Child ( Aged 6-11 )                           MOP 175


Friday & Saturday Dinner Buffet
Serving PeriodEvery Saturday
6:30pm – 11:00pm
MOP 370
Child ( Aged 6-11 )  /
Elderly ( Aged 65 or above )
MOP 270


Location:G/F, Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre
Reservations:(853) 2896 2878
Note:All prices are in MOP and subject to a 10% service charge.
We strongly recommend guests make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment.