Macau Tower

Tower Adventure

The tower is the only place in Macau where the sky is the playground! Ready for some sky-high adventure? World-renowned commercial bungy inventor and expert AJ Hackett has designed a range of sky thrills for tower guests that want to feel the rush! Try one, or all of them. They look scary, but don’t be concerned for a second; Skypark by AJ Hackett have multiple sites around the world all with a flawless safety record, so you are in very good hands.

Take an outdoor stroll around the outer rim of the Adventure Deck. At 233 meters up, that’s exciting. Wait, did we mention there’s no handrail and the walkway is just 1.8 meters wide? Take a deep breath. Welcome to Skywalk!

How about a SkyJump: an exhilarating 75 km/h, controlled 17-second flight over the stunning Macau cityscape. Amazing!

Then of course there’s the famous AJ Hackett Bungy Jump 233m; free fall at 200 km/h down the tower on a bungy cord. This is the ultimate speed rush.

And if up rather than down is your “thing”, conquer the Tower Climb. Imagine the feeling; you’ve climbed 338 meters to the top of the antennae mast on one of the world’s tallest towers. This is the most spectacular view in Macau!

Macau is the only freestanding tower in the world where you can do this, so you are a member of a very exclusive club.

Enjoy the thrills at Skypark Macau!