Macau Tower


Time to fly! For those of you who would like to jump from the Macau Tower and are looking for a less challenging way to do it than Bungy, try SKYJUMP!
Designed and invented in New Zealand, Skyjump is a controlled decent experience and you jump from the same platform as Bungy at 233m/764ft. Skyjump can be described as Base Jumping, while attached to a wire cable – just like a movie stuntman! Your descent takes around 17 seconds before you come to a very smooth landing (on your feet) at the ground floor plaza at the base of the tower. Skyjump is different from Bungy jumping as you don’t free fall or rebound and you jump in a standing position and stay that way all the way to the ground. It’s a one way vertical drop – Hang on! In Macau we offer single and tandem jump options.

tel For bookings and enquiries, please call: (853) 8988 8656

We highly recommend all our customers to book in advance. To do so, please visit Skypark Macau’s website and / or email us 24 hours before your visit. These rates are only available online. The prices onsite will be higher. (Same day booking is only available through our hotline.)

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Skyjump Full Package$ = MOP = HK$
Price list (per person)
Full Package (includes Skyjump, e-Certificate, Video + Photos, tower ticket)$1,988
Tandem SkyjumpPrice (per person)
Tandem Skyjump (include e-certificates, Video + Photos, tower tickets)
Note: 2 persons only, total weight not to exceed 115kg
$2,988 per a group of 2 persons
Souvenir of Skyjump & Tandem Skyjump
Video + Photos$599
Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri11 am – 7 pm
Sat – Sun11 am – 8 pm

Advanced Booking: We accept online bookings in advance up until 24h before the booking date and time at:

Please note bookings are accepted on the day only by calling our booking hotline on (853) 8988 8656.