Macau Tower

Bungy Jump

Be part of a Guinness World Record in the Sky of Macau! The AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy Jump is 233m / 764ft high, making this jump a Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world. In order to make this jump from the Macau Tower a reality, a specially designed bungy cord, guide cables, and recovery system had to be developed. AJ and his team spearheaded the new design and testing of all equipment and in doing so invented what his organization is now referring to as the 2nd generation bungy cord. This is a sphere shaped cord that is larger at the top than the bottom and allows jumper weights to be evenly dispersed over the entire length of the cord when jumping from such a height. “Designing this new bungy cord is a major step forward for us. It will now allow us to jump from any building or structure in the world” says Founder AJ Hackett. Jumpers leap from a platform 233m above the ground and experience the ultimate free fall experience before slowing down 30 meters from the ground and rebounding back up. The guide cables system ensure you do not make contact with the tower and enable bungy jumps to happen in nearly all weather conditions. Night Bungy is also available from 6pm in winter and 7.30pm in summer check out our opening hours below for details or inquire here. Since the dawn of time man has battled with fear. Since the dawn of time man has dreamed of flying. Realize your dreams and conquer your fears!


tel Hotline: (853) 8988 8656
We highly recommend all our customers to book in advance. To do so, please visit AJ Hackett’s website and / or email us 24 hours before your visit. These rates are only available online. The prices onsite will be higher. (Same day booking is only available through our hotline.)


Bungy Jump$ = MOP = HK
Price list (per person)
Bungy Jump (includes e-Certificate and tower ticket)$2,888
Souvenir of your Bungy Jump:Price
Video + Photos$699
Full Package (includes Bungy Jump, e-Certificate, Video + Photos, tower ticket)$3,488
Operating Hours:
September – JuneMon – Fri11 am – 7 pm
Sat – Sun11 am – 8 pm
July – AugustMon – Fri12 pm – 8 pm
Sat – Sun11 am – 8 pm