Gourmet Drive Thru
@ Macau Tower

Drive Thru Service offering a special selection of dishes by Café on 4, Lua Azul, Tromba Rija and Patisserie so you can conveniently pick up your order every day, between 6pm and 7pm, at Macau Tower driveway.

Macau Tower is pleased to announce our newly created drive thru service! Convenient, easy and fast, our new drive thru service lets you choose from some of your favorite dishes by Café on 4, Lua Azul, Tromba Rija and Patisserie.


Ideal for those who enjoy the guaranteed taste and freshness of our dining outlets and wish to take our cuisine home, to the office or anywhere.


The process is simple – place your order on the “select your products” section of this page and choose the date. Note that orders for the same day must be placed at or before 5:45pm.


Once the order has been confirmed it can be picked up between 6pm and 7pm at the Macau Tower entrance driveway. The food pick-up location is clearly identified. Show your order booking number to our staff and your order will be given to you straight away.

3 Easy Steps


Select your dishes online. Place your order. Same day pick up is available for orders placed before 17:45.


You will receive a confirmation email, and you can come to pick up your meals from 18:00 to 19:00.


Call 89888 709 when you are on way or arrived and our staff will deliver your order to your car!

First month 20% off discount

Enjoy our Drive Thru delicacies with a 20% off discount during the first month of this service.
Promotion period: 7 Nov to 6 Dec 2022

Carbonara Pasta: creamy bacon and mushroom sauce

MOP 90

Spinach, prawns and fresh tomato sauce

MOP 100

Omu rice; Hainanese Chicken and flavored rice in egg omelet

MOP 95

Fried jasmine rice with Prawns, chicken, tomatoes and fried egg

MOP 90

Pork chop rice Portuguese style

MOP 85

New African chicken; Roasted chicken with a zesty garlic-pepper sauce

MOP 125

Shredded chicken and jelly fish with asparagus lettuce

MOP 80

Sliced roasted pork knuckle with tossed jellyfish

MOP 108

Stewed pork ribs with hawthorn and sour young ginger in clay pot

MOP 118

Fried rice with eel, chicken dices and kimchi

MOP 128

Cod fish cakes
(6 pcs)

MOP 65

Portuguese Baked Duck Rice

MOP 125

Sandwich Chicken Salad

MOP 24

Sandwich Egg Salad

MOP 24

Sandwich Tuna Salad

MOP 24

Ham & Cheese Baquetta

MOP 42

Beef Lasagna

MOP 78

Braised beef meat balls in tomato basil sauce

MOP 84

Rosemary Grilled Chicken (Half)

MOP 60

Steamed jasmine rice

MOP 24

Singaporean Rice Vermicelli

MOP 42

Mixed seasonal vegetables

MOP 42

See you soon!

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