Macau Tower

Adventure Deck

Up, up you go – time to feel the rush!

If it’s awe-inspiring views or a full-body adrenalin rush you are looking for, the Adventure Deck is the right place for you! Step outside onto the deck and feel the warm breeze on your face at 233 meters up! This is the highest accessible public space on the tower, and at this height the views over Macau are simply stunning. The visibility stretches to 55 kilometres on a clear day.

Now it’s decision-time.

Do you watch or participate? There is high-adrenaline activity happening all around you and it can be fun just to watch! But if you dare, circumnavigate the outside of the tower on the famous Skywalk experience, or scream through white-knuckle thrills on a SkyJump, or a Guinness World Record highest commercial Bungy Jump, in the safe hands of the AJ Hackett Urban Adventure crew.

Extreme thrill-seekers, this is for you.

If you do have nerves of tungsten steel, then the ultimate adrenaline rush is the Tower Climb. You’ll ascend the antennae mast with a guide, climbing right to the top of the Tower, a whopping 338 meters! Oh wow, what an incredible experience! (Allow several hours for the Tower Climb).

The Adventure Deck is available for private functions. Our friendly staff will help with all your booking requirements.