Macau Tower

Observation Deck

Wow. Look at Macau!

From 223m up, the view is a spectacular 360° experience! Stroll around the spacious lounge in your own time. The massive 3-storey reinforced glass windows flood the Observation Lounge with light. Take in the entire Macau Peninsula, Taipa, Coloane, and look over to China. Check out the nearby Pearl River Delta skyline, which expands every day, especially Hengqin and Zhuhai.

Nerves of steel? Take our ‘Walk in the Sky’.

Not afraid of heights? Then test your mettle on our reinforced glass floor! We dare you to walk out on it – and look down, waaay down!! It’s designed for interaction, so crawl, lie down, or even jump around. Have fun – we promise it won’t break!

Capture the moment.

It’s not everyday you walk on a glass floor 223 meters up in the air, so we’ll capture your moment. We’ll photograph you and your loved ones on our ‘Walk in the Sky’; you’ll look like you’re floating on air! What a fun memory to take away.

The night-lights are a ‘must do’.

Macau’s nightscape transforms the city; it’s an amazing sight. Come up to the Observation Lounge at dusk and watch. As darkness falls, the casinos and hotels of Macau come alive in a dazzling display of color and variation.